We at Ecademix IDEAS believe that an organization should have a soul motive of catering to the society in a big way, which not only helps the society broaden its view but also brings a drastic change in the perspective of the people associated with it, and this could only happen by contributing to the education sector in a big way, which is the basic building block of the society and an individual. We are also thankful to all our lovely & respected teachers /disciplinarians who have been a major pillar of support for years. So, in the process of making it better & upgrading it, we came up with a concept of Digitized Report Cards-,which we believe has a very vital role to measure the statistics of a student’s performance , but has somewhere been overlooked & remained unchanged all these years. So, we at Ecademix IDEAS have taken the pledge to re establish the most vital & important part of the system in a new, upgraded & innovative way.


We at Ecademix IDEAS live by the mission to create a better India with our innovative products for educational institutions. Our mission is to help all schools have a digital presence & digital infrastructure of operation. When we say "ALL SCHOOLS', we mean schools in both the ultra urban & the extreme rural areas of INDIA.


  • Innovative products
  • Experienced Team
  • Customer Oriented Customizable Module
  • Easy to implement
  • Quality products at a competitive price